Kong Snuzzles Koala Medium

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The snuggly pal for your pampered pup, this plump and cuddly koala is built for days of indoor play, and nights of chilling out on the couch.

With a plump and squishy body that offers a dense mouthfeel to reward every bite, the Snuzzles Koala also features crackly ears and a full body squeaker that produces a long and loud squeak no matter where your dog bites down. Perfect for dogs of almost any shape or size, the flattened shape of the Snuzzles Koala is easy to grip in the mouth while the super soft and plush body makes him the perfect cuddle bud for dogs after a long day of play.

Full body squeaker rewards play with a long and loud squeak
Crackly ears for extra responsive play
Plump and plush body is perfect for cuddling
Dense mouthfeel rewards play with every bite
Flat shape suits a variety of sizes and breeds