Kong Goodie Ribbon Medium

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The KONG Goodie Ribbon is a mentally stimulating puzzle, feeder, and chew toy in one! Made from high strength durable polymer, this toy will withstand even the mightiest chewers. The four spaces can be stuffed with treats, and the inner ridges add some extra challenge. Your pup will be kept occupied for hours working the treats or paste out of the spaces. And, if you have a dog that tends to eat too fast, you can use the KONG Goodie Ribbon as an alternative to a dog bowl to help extend mealtime, while providing exercise for your dog. Available in different sizes.

Made in the USA from high-strength polymer
Food-dispensing toy that provides mental stimulation
Four spaces can be stuffed with treats or paste
Allows dogs to work for their food, engaging in natural instincts
Dishwasher and freezer safe