Kong Cloud Collar Large 38-51cm

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Sizing Guide:

Ensure you pet is recovering in comfort with the Kong Cloud Collar. Made from durable, inflatable material this collar is easy and stress free to assemble and fit to your pet.

Suitable for use when recovering from surgery, wounds or an injury, the Kong Cloud Collar allows your pet maximum comfort and relaxation without restricting movement or access to food and water. Machine washable for effortless cleaning and easy to deflate and store for later use if required.

Key Features:

Recovery collar perfect for pets with wounds or post-surgery
Restricts ability to lick or chew wounds without restricting vision
Inflatable for easy assembly and storage
Bite and chew resistant
Hook and loop strap for easy fitting, adjustment and removal
Machine washable for easy clean
Size Neck Circumference (cm) Breed Suitability Guide
XSmall 15 - 20 cm Toy Breed Dog and Cats
Small 18- 30 cm Jack Russell; Sheltie Breeds
Medium 25 - 36 cm Border Collie; Spaniel Breeds
Large 38 - 50 cm Labrador; Retriever Breeds
Xlarg 50 - 63 cm Rottweilers; Mastiff; Great Dane