Kit Cat Soya Natural Clump Litter Lavender 7l

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Offering great odour control and featuring a lovely lavender scent, Kit Cat Soya Natural Clump Litter is designed to make the litter experience more pleasant for you AND your cat.

Soft on the feet and clumping faster than other clumping litters, this cat litter is lightweight, easy to scoop, and helps to keep the paws clean and dry while preventing tracking. Made from soybean waste, and environmentally friendly, this convenient cat litter is easy to scoop and fully flushable, meaning that disposable is just a flush away.

Eco-friendly and fully flushable
Clumps 3 times faster than other clumping litters
Lavender scented
Non-toxic and 100% safe
Soft and gentle on the paws while preventing tracking
Offers superior odour control
99.9% dust-free