Kazoo Star Chips & Spoons Medium

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The Kazoo Bird Toy With Star Chips and Spoons is a fun and natural addition to add to your pet bird’s environment. This eye-catching ornament hung from a metal chain includes bright plastic knots and clinking spoons to entice your pet to interact. The toy is easy to attach by simply hanging inside your cage to encourage your bird to forage and play, helping minimise boredom and destructive behaviours. The key features of the Kazoo Bird Toy With Star Chips and Spoons are:
Fun and bright design mimics your bird’s innate and colourful surroundings.
Hanging metal chain construction.
Includes metallic spoons, wooden discs and coloured plastic to stimulate the senses.
Satisfies natural foraging instincts with a variety of materials.
Encourages your pet bird to play and peck.
Can help alleviate boredom and liven up everyday playtime.
Helps promote good physical and mental health by keeping your bird active and stimulated.
Size L: 33cm x 8.9cm.