Kazoo Cat & Puppy Nail Clipper

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Kazoo Green And Grey Nail Clipper For Puppies & Cats Is A Great Grooming Tool To Keep Your Best Looking Their Best
You no longer need to fear trimming your pet’s nails with this easy and safe to use device!
These highly effective nail clippers are perfect for puppies and cats
Nails grow continuously throughout your pet’s lifetime, therefore they must be trimmed to prevent problems from occurring
Short nails are critical for optimal health and prevent pain in your dog’s toes
By trimming your pet’s nails, you will keep them more comfortable, happy and healthy
Your dog’s lifestyle will determine how often their nails require trimming (dogs who walk regularly on hard surfaces will need less nail trimming than those who walk on soft surfaces)
Ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip and hold
Designed for efficiency and comfort
Stylish design with attractive colours
Easy to use

15.5cm x 8cm x 1cm
Directions for use

There are 2 types of pet nails – light and dark nails
Trimming light nails is easier because you can usually see the “quick” inside the nails which is darker in colour
The goal is to avoid clipping the quick, as this may cause bleeding
Dark nails are harder to trim because it is more difficult to see the quick clearly
It is recommended to trim small sections of the nail to avoid trimming the quick
If you cut the quick/vein, quickly place some ‘styptic powder’ on the end of the bleeding nail
Styptic powder is an antiseptic clotting agent
If the bleeding does not stop within a few minutes, contact your vet

Keep your nail clipper sharp and clean for best results
When the clipper loses its sharp edge, it will need to be replaced
By keeping the trimmers clean, they should last for multiple years
When trimming your dog’s nails, only clip the lighter coloured section of their nails – do not clip the darker coloured area (the quick) because this will cause bleeding