Ipetz Round Broken Pot Medium

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petz offers a range of products for your entire animal family, including Australian-made galvanised bird and poultry feeders and drinkers, aquarium and terrarium ornaments, specialised reptile products, and a range of accessories, bedding, and feeding products for your cats and dogs.

A safe hide is a necessary part of any reptile enclosure. In the absence of a hide, your reptile may develop stress which impacts on normal behaviours. The moist microclimate created within the hideout helps support thermoregulation, hydration and the shedding process. The pot is waterproof - so can be fully submersed in an aquarium for your fishy friends!

Hide to help reduce stress and provide habitat enrichment
Moist microclimate supports thermoregulation, hydration and shedding
Suitable for your terrarium, vivarium or aquarium
Can be submersed in water
Lightweight and easy to clean