Fluval Color Enhancing Flakes 200ml/32g

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Filled with pioneering spirit, Fluval is one of the top names in aquarium product and care around the globe. With reliable technology, carefully researched nutrition and more, Fluval has been inspiring fish hobbyists for over 35 years.

Fluvals optimised fish food will help your aquariums inhabitants to thrive, as well as keep them lively, fertile, and free from disease. These colour-enhancing fish flakes contain increased levels of Atlantic herring and Norwegian krill, which will enhance your fishs colours and energy levels, while also encouraging strong growth.

High quality, ultra-palatable fish food
Effective colour-enhancing formula that brings out the best in tropical fish colours
Excellent source of proteins, trace elements and antioxidants from several key ocean fish
Helps keep fish active and vibrant
Provides excellent daily nutrition
Includes highly nutritious kelp, a rich source of omega 3, polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins and complex carbohydrates
No artificial colorants
Provides full complement of vitamins with stabilized vitamin C