Mavlab Pernaflex Joint Health Supplement Powder For Dogs And Cats 250g

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Mavlab PernaFlex Joint Health Supplement Powder for Dogs and Cats Will Help Support The Mobility and Comfort of Your Pet
All-Natural Ingredients

PernaFlex Powder is crafted with only pure and natural freeze-dried marine concentrates

This ensures your pet receives a high-quality supplement without any preservatives or added flavouring

Rich in Nutrients

Contains a wide range of essential nutrients including glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and omega-3 fatty acids

These are crucial for overall health and particularly beneficial for joint support in dogs and cats

Joint Health Support

Specially designed to help maintain healthy cartilage and connective tissue

This contributes to improved joint mobility, allowing your pet to move more freely and comfortably

Glucosamine for Joint Lubrication

Glucosamine is a key ingredient in PernaFlex Powder, known for its ability to help maintain joint lubrication

This reduces joint stiffness and aids in smoother movement

Antioxidant Benefits

Includes antioxidants that play a vital role in removing damaging free radicals

This helps protect your pet's cells and tissues, contributing to overall health and wellbeing


Not for use in pregnant animals

Not recommended in coagulation disorders or in acute or infectious joint conditions

Seek veterinary advice if concerned