Fantail 5cm

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in the event you experience a problem, we will happily guarantee your new fish purchase for a period of 7 days, as long as your fish has been placed into a suitable environment.
To comply with this guarantee, please bring your fish back to us along with a sample of the water from your aquarium for analysis, plus a copy of your receipt. Please ensure that the water sample is in a separate clean bag, jar or bottle.
Unfortunately, no claim can be honoured if it is found that the condition of the water sample provided is outside suitable parameters, including the pH range, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels, and water temperature.
We will also not be able to honour any claims due to the fish being placed with incompatible tank mates or simply due to change of mind.
If you're unsure whether your existing tank conditions will be suitable for your new fish, please just ask one of our friendly team members - they'd be happy to help.