Ezydog Mongrel Extension 60cm

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Ezy Dog Standard Cujo Dog Leash Extension, Black, 60cm

Size: 60cm long, compatible with any leash.

Sometime you need to modify your dog lead to suit your walking style. This leash extension is a simple attachment that can transform how you use a lead. A durable ski rope construction means it is tough and withstands hard use.

The bright blue design matches with other Ezy Dog leads or you can clash it with other colours. Reflective strands woven into the material improve visibility at night. The Ezy Dog extension lengthens your lead or can also be used in the following ways:
Slip the clip through the metal ring and use as a choke collar for training or when a collar is absent.
To tether your dog, wrap the leash extension around a pole and attach the clip through the ring.
You can attach two of these extensions to one leash to provide a tangle-free dual dog walking system.