Ezydog Leash Track N Train Red

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An extra-long lead to give your dog a sense of freedom, the EzyDog Track Train Red Dog Lead is perfect for recall and general-purpose training.

Offering a generous 5 metres of lead length, this leash is made from super grippy Rubber LokGrip Webbing, which is easy to grab in the hand or stop with the foot for fast control of your dog. With an unlooped tail to prevent snagging during training or cross-country adventures, the harness also features a convenient ‘Traffic Control’ handle near the end for fast and close control when hazards are near.

With a carbon-coated snap clip this leash offers extra durability and strength for reliable leash attachment.

Extra long, 5m lead
Grippy rubber webbing is easy to grab in the hand
Great for training and recall
Traffic Control handle for close control when hazards are near
Anti-snag handle
Carbon coated snap clip for reliable leash attachment