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Swimming doesn’t come naturally to every dog. For doggos who need a little bit of a hand learning how to doggy paddle, EzyDog has the perfect solution. It’s called the DFD.

The DFD - that’s Dog Flotation Device, if you were wondering - is pretty much a life vest for your dog! It’s made from lightweight polyester and buoyant foam to keep your dog floating and upright while they perfect their swimming technique. Designed for comfort, the DFD won’t get in the way, so your dog can run and dig and swim to their heart’s content, while remaining totally safe.

Designed in Australia
Made from high-performance, lightweight foam and polyester for comfort and buoyancy
Foam keeps your dog floating in a natural position while they get the hang of swimming
Padded chest straps and a contoured neck make the DFD comfortable for your dog to wear
Strong leash attachment, plus a handy zippered compartment near your dog’s tail
Brightly coloured, so you can keep an eye on your dog from a distance
Easy to fit to your dog
To find the right size for your dog, check out the sizing chart in the images above. The people at EzyDog have even made a cute video to show you how to measure your dog
The DFD is available in plenty of sizes, plus two bright colours. Click here to see the whole range
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