Exo Terra Reptile Cave Small

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Exo Terra Reptile Cave

Suitable for: all reptile terrariums including desert, rainforest and aquatic

Suitable for use in all kinds of reptile terrariums, this hideout provides environmental enrichment and helps to reduce stress by providing a secure hiding place. The moist microclimate created within the hideout helps support thermoregulation, hydration and the shedding process while the stable construction prevents the cave being tipped over by larger reptiles.

Natural looking hideout for reptiles and amphibians
Helps reduce stress by providing a secure hiding place
Creates a moist microclimate to aid thermoregulation, hydration and shedding
Suitable for use in any kind of terrarium
Stable construction prevents cave being tipped over
Made from food grade resin
Available in 5 sizes
Dimensions (approximate):

Small - 15 x 15 x 8cm
Medium - 20 x 18 x 8cm
Large - 25 x 19 x 11cm
X Large - 25 x 28 x 10cm
XX Large - 33 x 30 x 15cm