Evo Digital Thermostat

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The Microclimate Evo is a touch screen digital thermostat with a maximum load of 1200w. The EVO has been designed to be extremely easy to operate. There are 2 channels to allow multiple configurations.

The main channel can be setup as Dimming, Pulse or On/OFF whilst the Aux channel can be set to operate as an ON/OFF thermostat or ON/OFF control for accesories.
The EVOs channels can be independently set to control Heating, Cooling or a fixed output such as lighting or misters.

The channels are colour coded to the sockets to make setup simple.

Channels can be custom named so you know exactly what the channel is controlling.

The display can be rotated 180º to allow the cable to exit the left or the right of the display box.
The Evo is constantly recording the temperatures and a touch on the current temperature will bring up a graph of the last 24hrs temperature history. This allows you to see how your heating solution is performing whilst your not there for example you can check to see if the temperature you have set during the night is being achieved or if you need a more powerfull heater.
The Display can be locked to prevent anybody accidentally changing your settings.

The Evo also features Alarms that are customisable to warn you of over-temperature and under-temperature.
Constant control mode will operate at one setting constantly over the 24hr cycle.

Extremely easy to setup just enter your setting and the thermostat takes control.

The Microclimate Evo also features Day & Night Control. You can choose to allow the EVO to control different settings for day and night. Simply enter the times and your settings.

Multi Control, 4 different settings can be used over the 24hr period. Enter the times and the settings its as easy as that.
Periodic mode can be used for switching on the output for a set amount of time at given intervals. Periodic mode can also be set to only operate within certain hours of the day. Perfect for misting or rain systems.