Elite Mini Internal Filter

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Whether youre a beginner fish hobbyist or have kept an aquarium for many years now, youll find Marina products to be user-friendly and affordable, supporting the life and habitat of your fish for years to come.

Designed especially for smaller aquariums up to 11 litres in capacity, the Elite Mini Underwater Filter is ideal for tiny spaces and can easily be concealed in any aquarium setting. The underwater filter comes complete with a foam filter insert, which provides excellent mechanical and biological filtration for healthy water.

Ideal for aquariums up to 11 litresComes with a foam filter insert, providing mechanical and biological filtrationEasily concealed in any tank
Dimensions: 18cm (height) x 4.8cm (width) x 7cm (length)

Available Media Refills:
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Elite Mini Internal Filter: For aquariums up to 11 litres. Maximum flow rate 220L/H