Economy Car Cargo Area Cover Black

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An economical cover to keep the back of an SUV protected from pet hair and dirt. The 600 denier, vinyl backed nylon keeps the area dry.
Covers & preserves rear cargo area

Vinyl backing made of 600 Denier

Keeps cargo space dry

Simple installation

Universal fit

Black Colour Only

How to install

Run one side of the strap around the headrest, then connect it with the other end of the strap. This should be done for both rear headrests. The rear portion of the cover can connect to your vehicle using the included hook & loop fasteners or suctions cups.

The hook & loop fasteners only need to be installed if you do not have carpet on the side walls of the cargo area of your SUV. If your vehicle does have carpet on the sides, the side walls of our product have the hook style hook & loop fasteners on the side panels and can be pressed against the carpet so they stay up. If you have non-carpeted side walls in the cargo area, then you can install the provided loop part of the fastener, lining it up with the hook fastener on our product so the walls stay up.