Doog Neoflex Harness Stella Medium

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We're huge fans of Doog's stylish new Stella pattern! It's super cute, with bright red accents against a pattern of navy blue with white dots - there's something about Stella that feels vintage and fun.

They look great and they're comfortable as anything. We're talking about Doog's Neoflex Harnesses. These soft harnesses are decorated with Doog's range of cool patterns, and they're made from neoprene - just like a wetsuit! Rain, water, mud - these harnesses can deal with anything and still come out look great!

Designed in Australia
Made from tough (but soft!) neoprene, so they're lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear
Easy to adjust to suit your dog
Strong clips at the back attach securely, while a metal ring at the back lets you attach your dog's lead for comfortable walks
Neoprene is water safe and dries quickly when wet, so it's ideal for swimming and the beach
Easy to clean