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Before we begin it is important to know the difference
between amorphous silica and crystalline silica.

The type to use on pets and gardens is AMORPHOUS silica.

Organics Made Easy supplies FOOD GRADE, >90% AMORPHOUS silica as an organic alternative to people who do not want to use chemical pesticides.

We can assure you that our Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Mineral is:

Greater than 90% in amorphous non=crystalline silica
Australian packed and owned
Milled and refined to make it one of the highest quality of food grade DE
Sourced from a dried freshwater lake bed in North Queensland
Approved by Australian Organics as an allowable input
Completely natural
The size of our DE is 5-10 Microns in size

There is no withholding period with Diatomaceous Earth when using it on plants and vegetables as opposed to chemical alternatives.

This ancient substance is truly a modern day natural treasure-a safer and simple solution to our everyday home and garden needs.

How Diatomaceous Earth Works on your animals

First, the diatom is eaten by a dog, cat, horse, etc. As it travels through the stench in the bowels of these animals, it works of killing internal parasites and larvae. Then it passes through with the animal’s manure, where it continues to kill fly larvae and eventually, it gets dumped into mulch where once again, it continues to nourish the earth with its composition of trace minerals.

Resistance is not likely since it is the physical and not chemical properties of Diatomaceous Earth that make it an effective insecticide.

That's the Parasite side of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Mineral, there is also the mineral side of it.

Adding Diatomaceous Earth to your animals diet will add essential minerals and vitamins to their diet, Diatomaceous Earth will replenish the silica in your animals bones, joints and in return prevent less damage to your animal's body. Saving you time and money spent at the vet.