Critters Comfort Small Animal Bedding 20l

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The call for sustainable pet care solutions has been answered! Introducing, an all-natural, durable, anti-microbial, recyclable Coir Pet Care range from the world leader in value-added coconut products. Critters Comfort is 100% organic with coconut coir which is non-toxic, dust free, and chemical and fragrance free giving you peace of mind knowing that its safe for your pets and you, too. Features & Benefits: Superb odour control. Coconut coir has incredible absorbency that encapsulates moisture and odour. Dust free bedding. Soft earth-like texture provides cushioning, insulation and comfort. Long lasting. Semi compressed in the bag and fluffs out to a large amount of bedding material. Mould and mildew resistant. 100% organic. Recyclable. Replaced every 7 to 10 days (or more often if needed). Convenient re-sealable bag.