Biotope Balance Ph/kh Booster 300g

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Description: Phosphate Free. Helps CO2 absorption
Say good-bye to all those phosphate related algae problems that many hobbyists suffer with these days
Helps with CO2 absorption. In water carbon dioxide is very unstable. BioTope KH Booster converts free carbon dioxide into carbonic acid forming a far more stable carbon source for aquatic plants. Carbonic acid is basically the union of free CO2 gas and Bicarbonates. All aquatic plants require CO2 and prefer the chemical form of carbonic acid.
Balance Booster is totally phosphate free and will not feed algae.
Balance KH Booster stabilises the pH at 8.20and sets the KH to 18 degrees
To ensure ongoing pH and KH stability just add 1 teaspoon of Balance to every 10 litres of newly added water when doing water changes.