Barkley & Bella Double Bowl Melamine Fresco

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Bring some Tribal vibes to your home with Barkley & Bella?s range of pet bowls. These bowls have a secret ? they are made from premium melamine, not ceramic (however they look just as good!).

100% Melamine
These bowls are made form 100% pure melamine and coated with a food safe liquid-glass coating. Melamine is a perfect material for pet bowls as they are scratch resistant, chip resistant and lightweight, making them easy to clean and last longer.

Liquid Glass Coating
Every bowl is coated in a liquid glass coating that protects it and ensures your bowl doesn?t fade.

100% BPA Free
Putting your pet?s health first is paramount to us here at Barkley & Bella. That is why all our Melamine Bowls are 100% human-grade BPA Free.

Chip & Shatter Resistant
We know accidents happen. So, we have made these saucers shatter and chip resistant.

Dishwasher Safe
To make cleaning that little bit easier for us humans.

Ceramic Look & Feel
These bowls may look and feel like ceramic, but each piece is 100% pure melamine. The LG (liquid glass) coating protects the bowl and adds a vibrant glow finish and texture.

Every bowl includes a non-skid silicone base to prevent sliding!

Sizing (Double Bowl)
38.4 x 23.1cm

7.7cm High