Bainbridge Silicone Dog Muzzle M

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A form fitting muzzle made from silicon material with securely placed straps
Designed to ensure maximum comfort for your dog yet the muzzle tough and durable
Features black soft nylon webbing and added padding for comfort
Reflective strips are integrated into the straps for visibility
This muzzle allows the dog to drink, eat and pant
The silicon material is flexible and straps are adjustable for different sized dogs. An indicative guide has been provided below:
Muzzle Size Snout Length Snout CC Neck CC Indicative Breeds
X Small 10cm 26cm 26-52cm Border Terrier, Westie,
Mini Poodle, Mini Schnouzer
Small 12cm 26-28cm 26-55cm Border Collie, Kelpie,
Medium 12-14cm 28-32cm 32-58cm Pointer, Pit Bull
Large 13-16cm 32-36cm 38-60cm Labrador, Retriever,
German Shepherd
X Large 15-18cm 36-40cm 46-66cm Great Dane, Rottweiler
Note: Measurements are indicative only