Aussie Oilskin Coat Black 72cm

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I like to get muddy. But my hoomum hates it when I do. So, as a compromise, she bought me this brown Aussie Oilskin Dog Coat. It’s warm with a custom flanno lining, waterproof and can handle whatever I throw at it. And believe me, that’s quite a bit. Thankfully, though, because it’s brown, it hides a lot of the dirt.

Doesn’t matter if it’s cold, raining or muddy, this tough dog coat can deal with them all. It’s heavy-duty and waterproof so I stay bone-dry even on the wettest days. Speaking of bones…


Waterproof Oilskin outer
Collar can be worn flipped up or down
Cosy warm flannelette lining
Pockets with press studs to keep treats or doggie doo doo bags
Easy to fit and adjust
Double lock clip attachments
Machine washable, on a cool cycle with gentle detergent
Custom-designed by the Kazoo Krew team
To choose the correct size, measure your dog's spine length (in cm) from the neck's base to the tail's start.