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Aristopet Cat Laxative Paste (100g) is a gentle and palatable laxative paste used to aid in the treatment and control of hairballs in cats. Most cats will accept Aristopet Cat Laxative readily. For fussy cats place a small amount on their paw, the cat will lick its paw to ingest the paste.

Dosage: For the average 4kg cat, squeeze 2-3cm length of paste from tube. For smaller or larger cats vary dose accordingly, or as directed by your vet.
Caution: Prolonged use may cause certain vitamin deficiencies.
Ingredients: Soft white paraffin, malt syrup, lecimulthin, cod liver oil, caramel, sodium benzoate, vitamin E, purified water.
Use only as directed on the label, or as directed by your vet. Consult your vet if symptoms persist.