Aquatopia Hermit Crab Heater

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Just like us, Hermit Crabs also feel the cold. It is important to maintain a stable temperature environment for your Hermit crab. In a climate like that of most areas of Australia, additional heating is needed in the cooler months to keep your Hermit crab happy and healthy.

The ideal heating for a small hermit crab tank is the Hermit Crab Heater Mat. It is a heating mat that goes under the bowl to heat the tank or bowl to a suitable temperature. Installation is very quick and easy simply place the Hermit Crab Heater Mat under the tank and turn the power on. Monitor the temperature with a thermometer.

Do not use the Hermit Crab Heater Mat if there is any damage to the plastic pad and do not under any circumstances use under water.

15 x 15cm approximately.