Aqua One Tropical Led Tube 9w T8 60cm

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Aqua One Tropical LED Tube 9W T8 60cm (53249)

The spectrum produced by the Aqua One Tropical LED Tube will bring out the fluorescent colours of your fish and plants whilst providing the lighting requirements plants need to photosynthesise. Converting carbon dioxide to oxygen within aquarium water is one of the key benefits of keeping live aquatic plants.

Fluorescent T8 aquarium tubes are commonly rated at 6000 – 10000 hours of life, however, suffer significant output loss and spectrum shift after around 3000 hours.

This means an aquarium fluorescent tube needs to be replaced approximately every 12 months.
Aqua One T8 LED Tubes are rated at 50000 hours with minimal output loss and spectrum shift, meaning they do not need to be replaced for many years. In most cases, they will last up to 5 times longer than conventional fluorescent tubes.

Aqua One T8 LED Tubes produce comparable light output to equivalent fluorescent tubes, with a saving of at least 50% on power consumption, whilst enhancing the natural beauty of your aquarium.t output to equivalent fluorescent tubes with a saving of at least 50% on power consumption

Features & Benefits:

Energy efficient LED lighting.
Creates an aesthetically pleasing aquarium enhancing the colours of fish, plants and ornaments.
LED lighting provides long term cost saving benefits due to a longer lifespan compared to fluorescent lighting
Genuine Aqua One part
Suitable for: Coldwater & Tropical

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not suitable for light units with an electronic ballast. Use only in a light units with a starter and where the starter can be removed.


• The endcaps can be rotated 90 degrees as shown in order to suit different light fitting configurations. Encaps should be rotated appropriately before the tubes are positioned in the light unit

• Ensure the fluorescent starter is removed before installing the LED tube

• Aquarium lighting is an essential part of the aquarium set up and the life of your fish and plants. Use a light timer to help turn on the aquarium light in the morning and turn it off in the evening to replicate day and night cycles. Most species of fish need light for approximately 10-12 hours a day.

We recommend only using Aqua One genuine spare parts in their range of aquariums