Aqua One Maxi Internal Filter 102f 450lph

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Aqua One Maxi Internal Filters offer an effective biological and mechanical filtration solution for smaller aquariums. It offers variable outlet options including a spray bar, meaning this filter can be customised based on the needs of the aquarium. Additional chemical filtration, such as activated aquarium carbon can be added to the filter compartment allowing for a complete filtration system. It is a silent running and reliable filter that is completely submersible with its sealed motor. It comes complete with suction cups for affixing to the side of your aquarium. It also comes with a 2 + 1 Year Guarantee.
Model Aquariums up to Dimensions Max Flow Rate Wattage Operating Voltage
Maxi 101F 55 litres 16H x 4.5W x 7D cm 350 L/H 4.2W 240V / 50Hz
Maxi 102F 75 litres 23H x 4.5W x 8.5D cm 450 L/H 6.5W 240V / 50Hz
Maxi 103F 100 litres 28.5H x 6W x 8D cm 960 L/H 13.2W 240V / 50Hz
Maxi 104F 180 litres 33.5H x 7W x 9D cm 1480 L/H 25.2W 240V / 50Hz