Aqua One Light Bulb Pl-11w

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Aqua One Light Bulb PL-11W Sunlight

Aqua One Light Bulb PL-11W Sunlight recreates the natural light spectrum of the Sun. These lamps emit a refreshing natural white light. Sunlight Lamps brighten the world inside aquariums and terrariums plants thrive, fish look better where their colours appear more vivid and attractive in natural light.

Aqua One Replacement Light Bulb PL-11W Sunlight is designed for::

AquaStart 320T/340/500
AquaStyle 126/380/510
UFO 350/550
AquaMode 300/600
Aqua One 11W PL Sunlight Light bulb

2 pins
Light Tube easures 234mm with the socket
Sunlight bulb - Natural white colour
Great for plants, can also be used for coldwater or tropical tanks.