Advance Cat Dental Chicken 2kg

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dvance Dental Cat Food Is Scientifically Formulated To Help Improve Cat Health
Super premium food specifically designed to improve the oral health of adult cats
The unique formula contains select ingredients to support dental health, urinary tract health, immune health, and healthy skin and shiny coat
Muscle Health

High protein content (34%) for healthy muscle maintenance
Chicken is the #1 ingredient which is a great source of quality, lean protein
Dental Health

Larger kibble size assists mechanical abrasion, to reduce plaque and tartar accumulation
The inclusion of sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) binds salivary calcium, helping prevent plaque calcification
Natural Green Tea extract inhibits the growth of bacteria and combats bad breath
Urinary Health

High digestibility and controlled levels of minerals to promote optimal water turnover and a healthy urinary tract
Hairballl Reduction

Includes the natural active ingredient Beet Pulp - a fibre source shown to reduce the frequency of hairballs
Skin and Coat Health

Contains enhanced levels of zinc and linoleic acid, along with natural sources of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to help improve skin and coat condition
Immune Health

Scientifically proven levels of vitamin C and vitamin E for a healthy immune system
Contains antioxidants to help prevent cellular damage and provide a natural defence for your pet against Australia’s harsh climatic conditions
Digestive Health

Contains easy-to-digest ingredients and fibre for optimal digestion
Contains natural yucca extract to help reduce litter box odours
Further Information

Australian made
No artifical colours or flavours