Tetra Betta 3 In 1 Select A Food 38g

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Bettamin Select-A-Food

Suitable for: betta splenden (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Inventors of the classic fish flake food we all know and use today, Tetra is a go-to name for their expertise in ornamental fish nutrition, tank care and maintenance and much more.

This unique Bettamin diet contains a nutritious colour-enhancing variety for your betta fish. The canister contains two chambers of red mini flakes, one chamber of freeze-dried brine shrimp bits, and one chamber of Tetra Betta Mini Pellets, which are dispensed via a dial. This gives your betta an enriching variety of food that is also the perfect complete diet.
Nutritious colour-enhancing variety of food for your BettaUnique multi-section canister contains two chambers of Red Mini Flakes, one chamber of Freeze-Dried Brine Shrimp Bits, and one chamber of Tetra Betta Mini PelletsEasy-to-use canister allows you to dial in the food that is desired