Cage Flight W Divider L Black 76x46.5x46

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keet Budgie Small Birds 76x46x46cmDescription:
It is a classic metal bird Flight cage with a narrow bar spacing so it is especially suitable for small bird.
As it is rectangular in shape so it is easy to add further accessories for your bird's comfort and to keep it amused.
There is a large door on the front of the cage for easy access and there are two further smaller flaps in the lower half of the front of the cage
where you can attach the two feeding bowls.
The plastic feeding bowls are easy to clean and are filled from outside the cage so you do not have to reach inside.
The feeding flaps open outwards so that your birds cannot fly out when you remove the feeding bowl.
The pull-out base tray makes it quick and easy to keep the cage clean.
Also included are two wooden perches which fit lengthwise wherever you want and which provide your feathered friends with a comfortable place to perch and sleep.
The handle on the roof of the cage makes it easy to move.