Aussie Dog Tucker Ball Mid Size Jnr 100m Z

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Give your pooch treats in a unique way with the Aussie Dog Tucker Ball!
Place your dog's favorite treats inside the ball and get your pet to roll it around to release the treats. To make it more challenging for your pup to get the hidden goodies, a treat restriction designed inside the Tucker Ball makes dog treats last longer and encourages your dog to play more to get them out. When all treats are gone, the Tucker Ball is still a great dog toy for your pet as it then transforms into a treat-giving toy to a rattling fun time for your pup.


Dispenses dog treats randomly
Encourages your dog to play for food
Includes a restricting device inside the Tucker Ball to make it more challenging for pets to get treats
Empty treat restriction piece moves around in ball and rattles to entice dogs to play
Shatter-proof, crack-proof and pop-proof
Non-toxic, food-safe material
Available in 4 sizes:
Mini (8cm) - For dogs 1-5kg
Small (10cm) - For dogs 5-10kg
Medium (15cm) - For dogs 10-30kg
Large (19cm) - For dogs 30-50kg

Dry dog food only; not restricted to using dog treats!