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PetSafe? Dog Smartdoor

This high tech dog access door has been designed to allow your dog free access to the outside world, while also keeping neighborhood animals and pests out. The PetSafe? Smartdoor works by using radio frequency identification (RFID) to instantaneously scan the unique SmartKey? worn on your pet?s collar. The flap remains closed and locked, and only opens for your pet. The SmartDoor can detect up to 5 programmed collar keys, and can be maintained in 3 modes - locked (which allows entry to programmed animals only), fully locked (which blocks access completely), or unlocked (which allows entry to any pet).

Smartkey-reading pet doorRemains locked, only opens for the Smartkey worn by your petProgram up to 5 smartkeysPrevents stray or neighborhood animals from entering your homeFits most doors, 3.8-5cm thick. Easy do-it-yourself installation

The SMart Key is water resistant not waterproof, swimming not recommended with Smart Key
This product uses 4 x D-cell batteries (not included), and has a low battery indicator.

Sizing details: Large flap accomodates pets up to 45kg. Frame dimensions: 410mm x 600mm. Flap opening: 279 x 406mm. Cut out size: 397 x 591mm. Warning: Small children may be able to pass through this door.