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If your dog?s not a big fan of thunderstorms, we?ve got just the thing.

Introducing the ThunderShirt Anxiety Jacket for Dogs. When you?re in for stormy weather, just pop this jacket onto your dog. It?s easy to fit, and applies gentle pressure to your dog?s body that helps them stay calm.

The ThunderShirt is the next best thing to a great big hug. And it?s for more than just thunderstorms ? it?s also shown to work in other stressful situations, like during fireworks, car travel and even going to the V-E-T (we?ll spell it out, in case any dogs are reading). It?s easy to use, and it?s effective in over 80% of dogs!

Made from durable fabric
Naturally reduces your dog?s anxiety in situations like thunderstorms, fireworks and travelling by gently applying pressure to their body
Easy to fit to your dog ? just secure the straps on the front across your dog?s chest and torso
Machine washable
Available in a size to suit most dogs ? take a look at the whole range here!

Size: Extra Large
Suits Chest Size: 76 - 94cm
Suits Weight: 29.5 - 48.9kg