Tetra Decoart Ambulia L

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Tetra DecoArt Plantastics Ambulia Fish Tank Plant Is A Simple Way To Add Colour And Beauty To Your Aquarium
An attractive, natural-looking, replica of the beautiful aquatic plant Ambulia
Also known as ‘Asian marshweed’, this artificial plant is well known for its finely pinnate, light-green leaves
This is the best type of plant because it will never die, rot or cause any algae problems
The perfect décor to add a sense of life to your aquarium
Provides a fantastic place for fish to hide and spawn
Designed with a weighted base and can stand firmly in the tank
Moves naturally in the aquarium current
Durable in salt and fresh water
Effectively retains its shape and colour
Safe for all fish
Quick and easy to clean under the tap
No maintenance required
Fast and simple to set up – simply dig a small hole at the base of the aquarium and place the weighted base of the plant in the hole, then cover up
Made of safe, durable plastic material
Available in three sizes: S (16 cm), M (20 cm) and L (30 cm)

Small: 16cm height x 8cm length x 4cm width
Medium: 20cm height x 10cm length x 4cm width
Large: 30cm height x 14cm length x 5cm width