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nventors of the classic fish flake food we all know and use today, Tetra is a go-to name for their expertise in ornamental fish nutrition, tank care and maintenance and much more.

BettaSafe is an all-in-one water conditioner that works to keep your aquarium water safe and healthy for your betta fish. As many fish owners know, tap water contains substances that are dangerous to fish including chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals. Thankfully, BettaSafe works to create a safe environment, helping to maintain optimum water health between water changes by by neutralising these substances are turning them into harmless salt. BettaSafe also binds to heavy metals to create a large molecule than can be physically removed by your tanks filter.
Not only does BettaSafe remove, but it also adds. This starter kit contains a unique blend of beneficial minerals that are normally lacking in typical tap water, increasing the vitality, breeding behaviour and activity of your fish. It also contains advanced biopolymers necessary for healthy, clear aquarium water.

Easy-to-use conditioner detoxifies harmful ammonia in tap water, neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, and features stress reducing slimeBinds to heavy metals to create a large, safe molecule that can be physically removed by your filterContains beneficial minerals and biopolymers to support beneficial bacteria growthIncludes eight water conditioning fizz tabs to treat up to 60 litres/16 gallons