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The Superior Pet Goods Hessian Bags / Hessian Mats have been designed to fit their raised steel framed dog beds. They are a tried and true product that Superior Pet Goods have been producing for years! As such they've become a popular, sought after favourite for households around Australia.

If your dog tends to destroy their beds no matter how expensive or hardy the material - these beds are definitely for you! They are one of the cheapest and oldest dog bed options. Each cover lasting roughly 1 to 3 months depending on your dogs behaviour and level of training, the covers are strong, comfy, and easy to replace once soiled or broken.

Even without a frame these mats can be filled and sewn shut, rags and old clothes can be a great safe option that you can easily wash when the cover needs replacing. One great idea is to fill them with sand, wetting the sand will create a cool haven for your dog during our hot Australian summers. So if you haven't got room for a sand pit then this option is perfect - it's also a lot less messy!

These "Original Hessian Bags" have been around for yonks, and are still available in Jumbo (purple stripe), Large (green stripe) and Medium (plain - no stripe). If you have a Small or Mini Superior Pet Goods bed frame they now make them in Small and Mini.

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