Sparklecat 8mm Harness & Lead Red

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Rogz Sparklecat Harness Lead RED
The Rogz Sparklecat Harness Lead Turquoise is a glamorous and stylish combined cat harness and lead designed with your cat’s safety in mind. This premium harness and lead set features a glittery adjustable harness and unique Safeloc buckles which allows the harness to break open when it has been put under strain such as snagging, giving you peace of mind that your cat can safely break free and avoid tightness or choking in the event of an accident or emergency. The key features of the Rogz Sparklecat Harness Lead Turquoise are:

Adjustable to fit most cats from kittens to adult cats.
1.8m length lead.
Safeloc buckles designed to break open if your cat’s harness gets snagged.
Adjustable load buckles to allow you to set the strain under which the harness breaks away.
Made from a polyester fur base with TPU glitter.
Comfortable and adjustable harness to fit your cat’s body.
Perfect for day-time walks.
The Rogz Sparklecat Harness Lead Turquoise is available in:

XS (8mm webbing): Harness size 198mm-300mm fits most kitten sizes.
S (11mm webbing): Harness size 240mm-400mm fits most adult cat sizes.