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Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Savory Chicken Entre Minced cat food lets you indulge your indoor cat with the savory taste of chicken. It is a complete and balanced food designed for cats living primarily indoors and is ideal for spayed or neutered cats. It is formulated with low levels of fat and calories to help your cat maintain a healthy weight. It includes natural vegetable fiber to help control and avoid the formation of hairballs by moving hair through your cat's system, and provides essential nutrients to nourish your cat's skin and coat.

Recommended for: Adult cats 1 - 6 years of age with an indoor lifestyle.

Not Recommended for: Kittens, pregnant or nursing cats.

* Minced varieties are cooked in savory juices for great taste with a soft, "pate" texture that's easy to serve.

Key Benefits
* Designed for Adult Cats - Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists to meet the nutrient and energy needs of indoor adult cats 1-6 years old.
* High-Quality Ingredients - High-quality ingredients deliver great taste, guaranteed.
* Precisely Balanced Nutrition - Maintains lean muscle and promotes vital organ health while promoting ideal weight.
* Natural Fibre - Natural vegetable fiber provides hairball control plus helps maintain gastrointestinal health.
* Vitamins and Minerals - Provides an ideal balance of vitamins and minerals for adult cats.

Feeding Guidelines

* Cover and refrigerate after opening.
* These ranges are a starting point only. Your pet may need less or more food to maintain proper weight. Adjust as needed.
* Mix increasing amounts of your pet's new food with decreasing amounts of the old food over a 7-day period.
* When supplementing with a dry food, decrease the amount of canned food to avoid overfeeding.
* Keep fresh water available at all times!

Weight of Cat = Amount per Day (156g can)
5 lb (2,3 kg) 2/3 - 1 can
10 lb (4,5 kg) 1 1/4 - 1 2/3 can
15 lb (6,8 kg) 1 2/3 - 2 1/4 can