Simparica Trio Xs 2.6-5kg Single Dose

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Simparica Trio Very Small

Simparica Trio for Very Small Dogs weighing 2.5-5kg

Simparica Trio is a new monthly chew for dogs, which provides triple protection against fleas and ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms for one month.

Kills fleas rapidly within 4-8 hours
Treats and controls the deadly paralysis ticks and brown dog tick
100% effective at preventing heartworm
Treats and controls hookworm and roundworm
Tasty liver flavoured treat that dogs will love
Oral treatment, not affected by bathing or swimming
Monthly for easy dosing

Simparica Trio is a tasty, monthly chew that protects your dog against fleas and ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms, including roundworm and hookworm.

Simparica Trio has been shown to kill fleas rapidly with 4-8hours, before adult fleas can lay eggs, and eliminates environmental flea infestations. This product is perfect for use in dogs with Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

Simparica Trio treats and controls the brown dog tick and deadly paralysis tick, and rapidly kills any pre-existing ticks on your dog within 24hrs of use. Tick paralysis can be fatal, so prevention is essential if you live in a tick area, or are planning to visit one.

Simparica Trio also protects your dog against deadly heartworm which is spread through mosquito bites.

Safe for puppies from 8 weeks of age, weighing from 1.25kg. Can be given with or without food

Daily tick searches are highly recommended for dogs in tick paralysis areas; even if prevention has been used.