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PROTECT: Seachem StressGuard is a premium slime coat protection product, working to reduce stress and ammonia toxicity whenever handling or transporting ?sh.
HEAL: Seachem StressGuard binds to exposed protein in wounds to promote healing of injured ?sh while reducing the likelihood of primary and secondary infections.
TREATMENT: The protein active colloidal agent in StressGuard actively seeks out any wounds, abrasions, or places where exposed proteins are and attaches to this area, helping to directly deliver the disinfectant in the product and start the healing process.
AQUARIUM CARE: Use 1/2?1 capful (2.5?5 mL) of StressGuard to every 40 L (10 US gallons) every 24 hours until signs of stress have abated or healing is complete. A dose of StressGuard may be safely doubled.
SAFETY: StressGuard has a pH of 7.0. It will not affect the pH of an aquarium, even at large doses, allowing for safe use in a reef or planted aquarium containing invertebrates