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Royal Canin Maxi Adult Relax Care

Maxi Relax Care is specifically formulated to help large breed dogs adjust to new and stressful situations by reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

As members of our families, dogs are often exposed to new and sometimes stressful situations such as long distance travel, the arrival of a new baby or being left home alone while we are at work. Managing anxieties in dogs most often requires a multi modal approach, using tools like nutrition, pheremones, behavioural training and sometimes medication to achieve the best results.

This premium quality dry dog food contains fish hydrolysate, a natural supplement derived from fish protein which has demonstrated proven results for managing stress in dogs. When fed over a period of 6 weeks, Royal Canin Relax Care was demonstrated to help over 44% of dogs behave normally despite changing situations in an urban environment.

Premium quality dry food for large breed dogs to help reduce stress and anxiety
Contains fish hydrolysate, a natural supplement to reduce stress in dogs
Demonstrated to help over 44% of dogs behave normally despite a changing environment when fed over 6 weeks
Suitable for adult dogs 25kg and over who may be predisposed to stress or anxiety
If your dog is suffering from anxiety, we recommend talking to your vet or an accredited dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement techniques to develop a treatment plan. To find out more, read about managing storm phobia and coping with separation anxiety in dogs.