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Indoor cats spend their days snoozing and checking their bowls for food. Which sounds pretty great, right? The thing is, indoor cats have problems of their own, like keeping their weight under control and increased risk of urinary infections.

But Royal Canin?s Indoor range of wet food is here to help! It?s designed to keep your indoor cat?s weight down, and their bladder healthy, so they can get on with their busy schedule of naps in the sun and stalking birds through the window.

Made in France
Developed by Royal Canin?s team of vets and animal nutritionists
Wet food, suitable for indoor cats between one and seven years old
Thin slices of meat in tasty jelly
Moderate calorie recipe helps your indoor cat maintain an healthy weight
Contains the right blend of vitamins and minerals to support your cat's urinary health
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Meat and animal derivatives, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, minerals, various sugars