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Royal Canin Coat Care Adult Loaf Pouches Wet Dog Food Contains High Quality Ingredients To Improve Coat Health And Add Vibrancy And Shine
Complete and Balanced nutrition, specially formulated for dogs with rough, dull fur to encourage a healthy, shiny coat
Designed for dogs of all sizes, over 10 months old
Healthy Coat

High quality, selected ingredients to support healthy hair growth and to add vibrance and shine
Muscle Health

Contains protein from meat sources to support lean muscle maintenance
Overall Health and Wellbeing

Contains essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D3, iron, manganese, and zinc to promote overall health and vitality
Optimal Hydration

The high moisture content is a great source of hydration for dogs who do not drink an adequate amount of water
High Palatability

The delicious taste will appeal to even the fussiest of dogs
The soft loaf texture is easy to chew
Further Information

Contains 12 pouches in the box
The pouches are quick and easy to tear open and serve
You can mix the wet food on top of Royal Canin Coat Care Dry Kibble so your dog can enjoy a pleasant variety of tastes and textures