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Reptile One?s S2M Melamine Vivariums are designed for both arboreal and terrestrial reptiles.
The S2M features key lockable glass doors that offer a wide viewing area and easy access. The super
fine mesh top provides ventilation and ensures the safety of your reptile. The beautiful gloss black finish compliments modern decor, whilst the recessed roof panel partially conceals heating and lighting fixtures.
The S2M is the first commercially available enclosure in Australia that features a partial glass
base specifically designed for the safe use of heat mats within melamine enclosures.
Suitable for: Arboreal and SemiTerrestrial Species Super fine, high strength, high quality wire
mesh top.
? Air vents to provide efficient air flow.
? Recessed roof panel partially hides lighting
appliances for a tidier look.
? High quality materials and craftsmanship.
? Key lockable glass sliding doors for easy
access and viewing pleasure.
? Cable outlet dial enables electrical items to
be used.
? A partial glass base that enables the safe use
of heat mats.
? Easy to follow assembly instructions.
? Matching ROC Cabinets available.