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he Low Voltage Fan Heater is a fan forced heat lamp unit that produces small amounts of UVA and UVB (UVB output approx. 4-5%).

This lamp will provide a warm flow of air that will help to create temperature gradients through the environment as well as producing a highly directional beam of light over an intended basking site.

The air flow created by the fan creates convection currents within the enclosure giving flow distribution over a large area.

Features and Benefits:

Provides light and warmth
Long lasting diachronic bulb
Stylish compact design for easy installation
Low Voltage means its safer than 240V lights
Produces temperature gradients
Looks great in any enclosure
Cool-to-touch outer metal casing prevents burns
Energy saving due to lower wattage requirements
Cheaper to run and maintain
Not designed to replace the primary source of UVB