Rainy Days Coat

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Know why this doggy raincoat is so outstanding? Cause it makes me stand out. Yep, wherever I go, heads are sure to turn. Not only that, but it’s lightweight, waterproof and has easy dress velcro straps to make it simple to put on and take off. Not that I ever want to take it off, mind you. It doesn't have a lining, so you can layer it over your knitted dog jumpers or wear it alone for warmer, wet weather days.

It's ideal for long, wet Winter walkies or quick nips out to the garden to do my business without getting cold and wet. This new neon green colour is the latest in winter furshion and really pops!


Waterproof dog raincoat
Harness hatch for easy walkies
Reflective stitching and strap for night walking
Zip-up pocket to carry your doggy doo doo bags in
Easy to fit and adjust with velcro fastenings
Machine washable on a cool cycle with gentle detergent
To choose the correct size, measure your dog's spine (in cm) from the neck's base to the tail's start.