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PAW Puppy Conditioning Spray moisturises, revitalises and detangles your puppy's coat. This alcohol free formula is gentle enough to provide nutrients to the young skin and keep the coat in great condition.

PAW Puppy Conditioning Spray is a gentle alcohol free spray that moisturises, revitalises & detangles the coat, making conditioning easy by using a simple spray applicator. It uses pawDerm technology that combines:

Gentle conditioning and detangling agents for a silky smooth coat.
Rich moisturising & conditioning ingredients for coat & skin health.
Natural essential oils to provides nutrients and a fresh pure scent to young skin.
Featuring Quick Spray Control this mini trigger achieves optimal coverage to all areas of the pet?s coat.

Ideal for caring pet owners who want the best grooming care for their growing puppy, particularly for breeds that may be susceptible to skin sensitivities later in life, such as terriers, retrievers and german shepherds.