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Dermoscent Bio Balm is a hydrating ointment formulated with 100% organic-certified natural active ingredients.

Dermoscent Bio Balm provides the following features and benefits:

Regular use topical care for dogs
100% natural formula
Hydrating, cooling and protecting thanks to the properties of Soybean Oil and the essential oil of Cajputi
Does not contain mineral oil or petroleum based ingredients
Rapidly absorbed and waterproof
Why use
Dermoscent BIO BALM is ideal for dogs displaying:

Hyperkeratotic noses or pads
Calluses (pressure point calluses and at elbow level)
Thickened skin
Dry and cracked pads and interdigital areas.
Superficial abrasions of the skin
Apply Dermoscent BIO BALM on clean and dry areas, particularly on the nose, elbows, paws and in between the digits of the paws
Apply 2-3 times per day or as required
Store the jar at a temperature between 15 - 25?C for optimal use and in keeping with its rich texture